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Proofreading is a final review of a manuscript for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and word usage. I will look for typographical errors a spell checker will not catch.

$ 2.50 a page* (*250 words, double spaced)
A-1 Editing Services 
At A-1 Editing Services, I provide my customers high quality editing personalized for their unique needs. First, look through the descriptions of the services listed below, then decide what level of help you need. Use the contact form on this page to tell me about your project. Please include the number of  pages, and what level of editing you expect. Not sure? That's no problem. We can talk about that after you contact me.
Copy Editing
Copy editing will include proofreading as well as attention to word choice, clarity, and flow. I will work with you to make your words speak to the reader more accurately and vividly. I want to bring out your best!

$ 4.00 a page* (*250 words, double spaced)
Content Editing
Content editing is the most complete and comprehensive service. I will look for problems or inconsistencies  in transitions, style, and organization, as well as provide suggestions to improve literary style as needed.

$ 7.00 a page* (*250 words, double spaced)

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